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Beginning today, my world smelt different. and i knew then, that i was different. So, today, I pray for wisdom and peace. and He is my rock. and today, i stand.

Friday, February 19, 2010

adore & loathe.

this project describes two images that twist and turn my heart in completely different ways.
adore & loathe.
[36x48 each, charcoal, ink, watercolor]
something that i absolutely abhor. the politics that pervert the bride of Christ. inherently sinful people who stop relying on the Lord for wisdom, and begin to use their own minds.
i adore the heart. the sincerity. the ever-increasing desire to become closer to the Lord and be more like Him. i love the aspiration for holiness and the respect for the bride.

Yes, we are inherently disgusting and we are sinful every second, but our hearts can be pure- and i adore the pure heart for the gospel.

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