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Beginning today, my world smelt different. and i knew then, that i was different. So, today, I pray for wisdom and peace. and He is my rock. and today, i stand.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


[16x24 charcoal]
I love trees. the majesty and the normality. I am obsessed in the root system, how this massive being is so rooted in the ground, and how in the same breath it is stretched so far into the sky. Trees, to me, encompass so many emotions. Like the tree in this picture, he branches out of destruction- being strong thru a hazardous area. New life coming thru desperation. I love that. I love how trees symbolize life, how over and over in scripture we are shown examples of this. The tree of life. How we are told to be 'rooted in love.' I love the symbolism that surrounds this huge being.
Rooted in love, founded in Christ, stretching towards Heaven and branching out to others.

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